Better structored connect and settings screen using tabs.
[clanbomber-fltk-client.git] / src /
2018-12-30 Daniel GiritzerBetter structored connect and settings screen using...
2018-12-30 Daniel GiritzerSlight adjustment for bomb sounds.
2018-12-30 Daniel GiritzerCode cleanup + full integration of sound engine.
2018-12-29 Daniel GiritzerFix deadlock in sampleplayer which caused problems...
2018-12-29 Daniel GiritzerAdded simple sound engine to game.
2018-12-25 Daniel GiritzerAdded support for multiple themes. Refs: #181
2018-12-24 Daniel GiritzerCenter image. Refs: #178
2018-12-24 Daniel GiritzerDo not track res dir (may be located here for testing...
2018-12-24 Daniel GiritzerAdded support to resolve hostnames.
2018-12-21 Daniel GiritzerMerge branch 'master' into more_items
2018-12-20 Daniel GiritzerAdded Doxygen comments.
2018-12-19 Daniel GiritzerDraw new items: Flame, Speed, Shield, Life. more_items
2018-12-18 Daniel GiritzerReadded static linking. Identify bombs + bomb timeouts.
2018-12-18 david.haberleitnerfixed....again
2018-12-18 david.haberleitnerfixed initial resize function
2018-12-18 david.haberleitnerfixed viewport and coordinate system calculations
2018-12-18 Daniel GiritzerCompletely removed X11 static deps
2018-12-18 Daniel GiritzerRemoved some unneeded dependencies from makefile.
2018-12-18 Daniel GiritzerAllow wondow to be resizable.
2018-12-18 Daniel GiritzerAdd default port to connect GUI.
2018-12-18 Daniel GiritzerFix startup script
2018-12-18 Daniel GiritzerMerge branch 'master' into dev
2018-12-18 Daniel GiritzerMerge branch 'dev' of ssh://
2018-12-18 Daniel GiritzerFix ReceiveJSON to really receive at least 1 Full json...
2018-12-17 david.haberleitnerchanged display of remaining lives
2018-12-17 Daniel Giritzerfix startup script.
2018-12-17 Daniel GiritzerGet rid of some dependencies by partially statically...
2018-12-17 Daniel GiritzerMore verbose exception handling.
2018-12-17 Daniel GiritzerLast change for view (theme related, fix table size).
2018-12-17 Daniel GiritzerChanged standard theme to more beautiful plastic.
2018-12-17 Daniel GiritzerAdded window icon support for linux.
2018-12-17 Daniel GiritzerRemoved copyright symbol due to encoding issues on...
2018-12-17 Daniel GiritzerFixed typo
2018-12-17 Daniel GiritzerCode clieanup + added Versioninfo + winres.
2018-12-17 Daniel GiritzerAsk to termineta application on error.
2018-12-17 Daniel GiritzerFixed SegVault error when entering wrong server details.
2018-12-17 Daniel GiritzerMerge branch 'master' into dev
2018-12-16 david.haberleitnerdrawing different sprites depending on where the player...
2018-12-16 david.haberleitnertexture loading cleanup
2018-12-16 david.haberleitnerfixed flame alignment, implemented player lives in...
2018-12-16 Daniel GiritzerSmall fixes:
2018-12-16 Daniel GiritzerFixed minibug which spawned parent window of gl window.
2018-12-16 david.haberleitnerdraw bomb upgrades
2018-12-16 david.haberleitnerworkaround for the "special" coordinate system
2018-12-16 david.haberleitnerMerge branch 'dev' of ssh://
2018-12-16 david.haberleitnerimplemented player specific color using fltk color...
2018-12-16 Daniel GiritzerMerge branch 'dev' of ssh://
2018-12-16 Daniel GiritzerRemove unneeded files.
2018-12-16 david.haberleitnerflames are now drawn
2018-12-16 Daniel GiritzerFixed includes so windows build does not crash (duw...
2018-12-16 Daniel GiritzerFixed SendJSON function.
2018-12-15 david.haberleitnermerged origin/dev
2018-12-15 david.haberleitnerimplemented drawing, sending of the client package...
2018-12-15 Daniel GiritzerSmall fixes (Ranking Table index now starts with 1...
2018-12-15 david.haberleitnerfixed read limited to 512 Bytes in IN_GAME state (props...
2018-12-13 S1810567006 (Haber... further unsaved changes
2018-12-13 S1810567006 (Haber... unsaved changes from last commit
2018-12-13 S1810567006 (Haber... Merge branch 'dev' of ssh://
2018-12-13 S1810567006 (Haber... started IN_GAME phase window, loading textures, stub...
2018-12-13 Daniel GiritzerFixed TCP Client for windows.
2018-12-11 Daniel GiritzerImplemented PreGame and PostGame functionality.
2018-12-11 Edwin SchweigerMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2018-12-10 Daniel GiritzerImplement connecting mechanism.
2018-12-10 Daniel GiritzerAdded first simple TCPClient class.
2018-12-10 Daniel GiritzerAdded files needed for openGL stuff.
2018-12-10 Daniel GiritzerDynamically link linux executable (+opengl)
2018-12-09 Daniel GiritzerFix statically linking of FLTK client.
2018-12-07 Daniel GiritzerMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2018-12-07 Daniel GiritzerAdded GUI Windows: Connect, Pre-Game, Post-Game
2018-12-06 david.haberleitnerMerge branch 'game_example'
2018-12-04 Daniel GiritzerExtended makefile to create intsall packages.
2018-12-04 Daniel Giritzerchanged project name to esdbomber
2018-12-04 Daniel GiritzerMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2018-12-04 Daniel GiritzerRemoved linking against gtest from makefile.
2018-12-03 Daniel GiritzerAdded Makefile for fltk build. Removed tinyxml dependen...
2018-12-03 Daniel GiritzerCleanup Makefile Refs: #159
2018-12-03 Daniel GiritzerMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2018-12-03 Daniel GiritzerAdded Makefile, removed CodeBlocks Project. Refs: #195
2018-11-19 S1810567004 (Girit... Added template MVC FLTK Project to start with. (includi...