descriptionBomberman Clone FLTK Client. Description:
last changeFri, 6 Dec 2019 23:08:06 +0000 (00:08 +0100)
2019-12-06 Daniel GFaster polling algorithm, results in a more fluid game. master
2019-12-06 Daniel GAlso play sound when collecting the invisible item.
2019-12-06 Daniel GAdd new invisible item functionality. Visualize user...
2018-12-30 Daniel GiritzerChanged Version info.
2018-12-30 Daniel GiritzerSmall fix to proper close all spawned audio threads.
2018-12-30 Daniel GiritzerBetter structored connect and settings screen using...
2018-12-30 Daniel GiritzerSlight adjustment for bomb sounds.
2018-12-30 Daniel GiritzerCode cleanup + full integration of sound engine.
2018-12-29 Daniel GiritzerFix deadlock in sampleplayer which caused problems...
2018-12-29 Daniel GiritzerSpeed up build.
2018-12-29 Daniel GiritzerFix libao makefile.
2018-12-29 Daniel GiritzerAdded simple sound engine to game.
2018-12-29 Daniel GiritzerCode cleanup.
2018-12-29 Daniel GiritzerAdded examples and packages for audio playback.
2018-12-28 Daniel Giritzeradded liboa package for audio
2018-12-25 Daniel GiritzerAdded support for multiple themes. Refs: #181
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