2019-12-06 Daniel GBetter client polling algorithm. master
2019-12-06 Daniel GAdd new invisible item. Visualize shield and invisibility.
2018-12-30 Daniel GiritzerFinished ESDBomber1.1 client.
2018-12-30 Daniel Giritzerbugfix
2018-12-30 Daniel GiritzerMerge FLTK-Client changes back to master.
2018-12-30 Daniel GiritzerFull integration of sound engine.
2018-12-30 Daniel GiritzerCosmetic fix in server. Added some sound resources...
2018-12-29 Daniel GiritzerFixed nasty deadlock in fltk-client.
2018-12-29 Daniel GiritzerUpdate 7z.sfx for windows installer. (supports new...
2018-12-29 Daniel GiritzerSpeed up build process.
2018-12-29 Daniel GiritzerFix build system
2018-12-29 Daniel GiritzerAdded simple sound engine to FLTK-Client.
2018-12-25 Daniel GiritzerAdd theming support.
2018-12-24 Daniel GiritzerImplemented player ID recycling.
2018-12-24 Daniel GiritzerChenter FLTK-Client image.
2018-12-24 Daniel GiritzerFLTK Client now resolves hostnames.
2018-12-21 Daniel GiritzerMerge branch 'master' into more_items
2018-12-21 Daniel GiritzerReadded more items
2018-12-21 Daniel GiritzerUpdate main. repo
2018-12-21 Daniel GiritzerReadded more items to fltk-client.
2018-12-20 Daniel Klepatschadded server documentation
2018-12-20 Steinbacher... add server resuemee
2018-12-20 Steinbacher... add server screenshots
2018-12-20 Steinbacher... add server präsi
2018-12-20 Steinbacher... fix serverstruktur
2018-12-20 Steinbacher... add server struktur
2018-12-20 RiMaadd class diagram
2018-12-20 Steinbacher... add server kosten & design
2018-12-20 Daniel GiritzerAdded fltk sourcecode doxygen comments
2018-12-19 Daniel GiritzerFixed type in server makefile more_items
2018-12-19 Daniel GiritzerHopefully a bugfix...
2018-12-19 Daniel GiritzerBugfix
2018-12-19 Daniel GiritzerBugfix in server.
2018-12-19 Daniel GiritzerAdded new items: Flame, Speed, Shield, Life.
2018-12-19 Daniel GiritzerAdded icons for new items.
2018-12-18 Daniel GiritzerMerge back dev branch of xamarin client.
2018-12-18 Daniel GiritzerMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2018-12-18 Daniel GiritzerMerge back dev branches
2018-12-18 Daniel GiritzerAdded changed sprites for bombs.
2018-12-18 Daniel GiritzerAdded bomb mask.
2018-12-18 Steinbacher... Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
2018-12-18 Steinbacher... gamelogic rev 1
2018-12-18 Steinbacher... add movement
2018-12-18 Steinbacher... add some content
2018-12-18 Philipp KnaackMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2018-12-18 Philipp KnaackUpdated submodules.
2018-12-18 Daniel GiritzerMerge back dev branches, server, client
2018-12-18 Steinbacher... creat documentation of the game logic
2018-12-18 Daniel Giritzerdesperate merge
2018-12-18 Daniel GiritzerFixed fltk build makefile.
2018-12-18 Daniel GiritzerRemovedsome unneded dependencies from fltk-client
2018-12-18 Philipp KnaackMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2018-12-18 Philipp KnaackUpdated modules.
2018-12-18 Daniel GiritzerMake client resizable.
2018-12-18 Daniel Giritzerpublish changes to main repo.
2018-12-18 Philipp KnaackMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2018-12-18 Philipp KnaackUpdate server repo.
2018-12-18 Daniel GiritzerBugfix FLTK-Client
2018-12-18 Daniel GiritzerMerge back dev.
2018-12-18 Daniel GiritzerMerge back dev branches to master.
2018-12-18 Daniel GiritzerExtenden json.h Load function by return code.
2018-12-17 Daniel GiritzerFixed collision detection in server.
2018-12-17 Daniel GiritzerSmall bugfixes in server & fltk-client
2018-12-17 Daniel GiritzerGot rid of some dependencies.
2018-12-17 Daniel GiritzerChanged BrickWallBreakable sprite to be more visible.
2018-12-17 Daniel GiritzerFLTK Client, more verbise exception handling.
2018-12-17 Daniel GiritzerFix fltk connect table.
2018-12-17 Daniel GiritzerChanged standard theme of fltk-client to more beautiful...
2018-12-17 Daniel GiritzerAdded window icon support for linux. (fltk-client)
2018-12-17 Daniel GiritzerUpdate server repo to be newest master.
2018-12-17 Daniel GiritzerRemoved copyright symbol due to encoding issues on...
2018-12-17 Daniel GiritzerBugfixes
2018-12-17 Daniel GiritzerAdded resources for server and fltk-client.
2018-12-17 Daniel GiritzerAdded windows icons.
2018-12-17 Daniel Giritzeradded executable icons
2018-12-17 Daniel GiritzerNew progress first working server and client. Testing...
2018-12-16 david.haberleitneradded bomb_count upgrade
2018-12-16 david.haberleitneradded missing flame texture
2018-12-16 Daniel GiritzerFixed variable naming in JSON.h
2018-12-13 Philipp KnaackUpdated documentation for server.
2018-12-11 david.haberleitnerMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2018-12-11 david.haberleitnermoved sprites from the fltk-client to the full-project...
2018-12-11 Daniel GiritzerMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2018-12-11 Daniel GiritzerBugfixes in server, TCP/IP + PreGame/PostGame View...
2018-12-11 Johannes PoschMerged
2018-12-11 Johannes PoschUpdated Network Protocol
2018-12-10 Daniel GiritzerImplement connecting mechanism.
2018-12-10 Daniel GiritzerIntroduced TCPClient Library.
2018-12-10 Daniel GiritzerFixed inlining of json.h
2018-12-10 Daniel GiritzerAdded opengl support.
2018-12-09 Daniel GiritzerOptimize fltk build
2018-12-09 Daniel GiritzerFixed statically linking of flk client.
2018-12-07 Daniel GiritzerMerging fltk-client
2018-12-07 Daniel GiritzerChanged builds to be completely static.
2018-12-07 Daniel GiritzerBuild Boost thread library. Make mingw use pthreads...
2018-12-06 Daniel GiritzerOnly build needed boost librariers.
2018-12-04 Daniel Giritzerremoved wrong info in install prompt
2018-12-04 Daniel GiritzerFixed makefile of server.
2018-12-04 Daniel GiritzerAnother typo in boost makefile...
2018-12-04 Daniel Giritzerupdated .gitignore files