2018-12-20 Michael LehnerMerge branch 'master' of ssh:// DEVELOPMENT
2018-12-20 Michael LehnerAdded images
2018-12-19 mile4712Decreased Animation time.
2018-12-18 Bernhard Lindnercentered position of player controls
2018-12-18 Bernhard Lindnerdisplay Lives on Screen
2018-12-18 Bernhard Lindneradded Player Info and changed UI Text Positions
2018-12-18 Michael LehnerAdded missing image
2018-12-18 Michael LehnerAdded new Image for (Bomb-)Items.
2018-12-18 Michael LehnerMoved Controls to bottom of screen
2018-12-18 Bernhard Lindneradded ConnectPage, PreGamePage, and PostGamePage to...
2018-12-17 Philipp KnaackFixed IPv6 problem.
2018-12-13 mile4712Removed offset for player position calculation as serve...
2018-12-11 RiMaFixed bug in move and bomb messages.
2018-12-11 mile4712Changed timeout datatypes to double
2018-12-10 mile4712Extended Client Simulation to Xamarin: Android and...
2018-12-10 mile4712Removed duplicate Files
2018-12-10 mile4712Fixed split packages bug.
2018-12-08 mile4712Added Playground with Hello World for Game-Visualization
2018-12-01 mile4712Added Communication Implementation.
2018-11-27 95Eliasinitial folder structure
2018-11-26 Daniel GiritzerChanged Readme.
2018-11-19 S1810567004... Initial Commit