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[fltk_mvc_template.git] / _template / packages / allegro5.1.13 /
2019-01-31 Daniel Galso copy back addons allegro headers.
2019-01-31 Daniel GAdd freetype support to android port.
2019-01-30 Daniel GBugfix, remove debug in rename cmd.
2019-01-30 Daniel GHandle some stuff a little bit neater. (i.e. setting...
2019-01-30 Daniel GCleanup & .gitifnore fix.
2019-01-30 Daniel GAdded version number to package folder (allow different...
2019-01-27 Daniel GAdded force flag to rebuild ndk-toolchain if needed.
2019-01-27 Daniel GBuildsystem Code/file cleanup (step 2).
2019-01-27 Daniel GAdded nanox compatible allegro library.