Handle some stuff a little bit neater. (i.e. setting android target version)
[fltk_mvc_template.git] / _template / src /
2019-01-30 Daniel GHandle some stuff a little bit neater. (i.e. setting...
2019-01-30 Daniel GDynamically link X11 in arm build. (On debian stretch...
2019-01-30 Daniel GSet project name back to _template
2019-01-30 Daniel GAdd linux arm target to project makefile.
2019-01-28 Daniel GSet SDK version to 22 to avoid the need to ask for...
2019-01-28 Daniel GAdded freetype2 support.
2019-01-27 Daniel Gremove setting for keyboard (causes crash).
2019-01-27 Daniel GCompletely statically link Linux Build.
2019-01-27 Daniel GBugfixes
2019-01-27 Daniel Gfinal cleanup.
2019-01-27 Daniel GBuildsystem Code/file cleanup.
2019-01-26 Daniel GCleanup
2019-01-26 Daniel GFix sources, include for std::string was missing.
2019-01-26 Daniel GAdd maximal flexinility to makefile.
2019-01-26 Daniel GRegeneratded ViewFloid.cxx
2019-01-26 Daniel GIgnore generated objects and executable files.
2019-01-26 Daniel GFirst working android example app using jni.
2019-01-25 Daniel GAdded simple test android app and extended makefile...
2018-12-28 Daniel GMake table row count start at 0.
2018-12-28 Daniel GAdded SimpleTable example, moved from C::B to Makefile...
2018-10-30 Daniel GReplaced executable name with _template variable.
2018-10-01 Daniel GInitial Commit