[thesis] Added generated thesis documents.
[hsd_doku_tool.git] / packages /
2018-04-30 Daniel G[texlive] Renamed fixed windows install script, because...
2018-04-30 Daniel G[texlive] Readded windows install script.
2018-04-30 Daniel G[texlive] removed new windows install script
2018-04-30 Daniel G[texlive] WIP
2018-04-30 Daniel G[texlive][package] Remove fixed buid script from gitign...
2018-04-30 Daniel G[texlive][package] Quickfix of windows texlive build...
2018-04-30 Daniel G[texlive][package] Update texlive package to from texli...
2018-04-22 Daniel G[doc_tool] Fixed all build targets.
2017-12-18 Daniel G[project] Use 5 instead of 8 jobs for fltk build.
2017-12-18 Daniel G[project] Seperated unpacking of packages from building.
2017-12-18 Daniel G[tinyxml] Added tinyxml package.
2017-12-18 Daniel G[texlive] Fixed jenkins build.
2017-12-17 Daniel G[texlive] Added targets for texlive package creation
2017-12-04 Daniel G[project] Fixed relative texlife install paths.
2017-12-04 Daniel G[project] Added texlive profile file which is used
2017-12-04 Daniel G[project] Added generation of texlive environment to...
2017-11-30 Daniel G[project] Added .gitignore files for texlive and doxygen
2017-11-30 Daniel G[project] Added licence text and doxygen sources to
2017-11-29 Daniel G[project] Changeded project structure. Added archives...
2017-11-29 Daniel G[doc_tool] Changed default linux build to 32bit. Added
2017-11-29 Daniel G[project] Cross compile fltk for windows binary.