descriptionFLTK C++ MVC Project template.
last changeTue, 12 Feb 2019 21:23:15 +0000 (22:23 +0100)
5 days ago Daniel Gremove require gls from AndroidManifest.xml master
5 days ago Daniel GFix boost Makefile (build for right android architecture).
5 days ago Daniel GAdded missing dependency.
5 days ago Daniel GSwitch from allegro backend to SDL backend for android...
6 days ago Daniel GAdded SDL2 as android backend option.
12 days ago Daniel GAdded gl4es for android (openGL to openGLES translation...
13 days ago Daniel GFix build of allegro by ignoring failing allegro.aar...
13 days ago Daniel GUpgrade to new aööegro 5.2.4 version.
2019-02-04 Daniel GSeperate dependent package include files for different...
2019-02-01 Daniel GUse 4 jobs to build nanox
2019-02-01 Daniel GFix for nanoX receipe now android build should work.
2019-01-31 Daniel GUse readme instead of .keepdir
2019-01-31 Daniel Gkeep assets dir.
2019-01-31 Daniel GRestructure src folder. Add asset folder. Automatically...
2019-01-31 Daniel GAdd tinyalse receipe to main makefile.
2019-01-31 Daniel GAdd tinyalsa package for android.
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5 days ago master